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Melbourne singer-songwriter Samantha Sharpe makes her debut on the Australian music scene with thought-provoking, heartwrenching five-piece collection, 'Gilded Cage'. Having made her way around the local Melbourne gig and busking circuit as an acoustic covers outfit, including support slots with The Chantoozies and Allan Caswell as well as performing the ultimate act of patriotic respect in the form of the National Anthem at Melbourne Ballpark for three National Baseball League Games, Sharpe is slicing through as an enigmatic, solo artist.

Her dedicated country rolls and booming register are the heart of her debut EP. Across a five-track collection, including the title track single, Sharpe narrates tales of gripping, unwavering love, devastating heartache and self-empowerment at the end of a tumultuous journey. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Salt Studios Melbourne, Gilded Cage best captures who Sharpe is and what vocals she has to bring, with reminisces of Taylor Swift circa 2007. With her own distinct voice and tune, Sharpe is climbing the charts.

During the COVID crisis, with many live events canceled, Sharpe took to writing, and has since released a follow-up single to her debut EP, titled "Home", and written in that exact place during lockdowns in Melbourne, Australia. Described by many as her best work, "Home" has been featured by community radio stations both at home, and afar, hitting the airwaves in Cape Cod, USA!

Samantha's latest reviews and features are available to read/view on the EPK page.

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